Mayhem and Stardust

We are the proud parents of, amongst others, Jig, who has a handsome collection of diagnoses (ADHD, AD, FASD) which probably mean nothing and a generous smattering of fairy dust which probably counts for everything. School was a huge challenge and so we decided, probably rashly, to move to the country and home educate him. No medication, no 'support', chickens, space, a farm on the doorstep and a beach nearby. What could possibly go wrong?

Jiggy and Us


Along with three birth children each and other adopted children, Moo and Titch, Jiggy belongs to us.  He has belonged to us since he was nearly one and he has rocked our world ever since. By the time he was seven he had been assessed, statemented, medicated, excluded, included, re-assessed and re-medicated.  The road ahead looked gloomy to us  and we decided, probably rashly, to move out to the country from Bristol (we ended up in Cornwall) and home educate him.  We have made the deliberate decision not to seek out ‘support’ at the moment as we feel that he will be re-labelled in a heartbeat.  Instead we are finding our way through our days.  We make and unmake plans.  We are feeling our way in rather a murky naivety, the gloom is lit only by his own spark and our determination to unravel some of the knots that he inherited.

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