Mayhem and Stardust

We are the proud parents of, amongst others, Jig, who has a handsome collection of diagnoses (ADHD, AD, FASD) which probably mean nothing and a generous smattering of fairy dust which probably counts for everything. School was a huge challenge and so we decided, probably rashly, to move to the country and home educate him. No medication, no 'support', chickens, space, a farm on the doorstep and a beach nearby. What could possibly go wrong?



Bio: I am an Adoption UK adopter voice champion and coordinator in the Adoption West area and this is where I keep and share my notes from the conversations I have with adopters, adopters' support and campaign groups, local authorities (particularly in the Adoption West RAA), the Department for Education the ASGLB (Adoption and Special Guardianship Leadership Board) and pretty much anyone who wants to speak to me or who will listen. This blog is so that I can share what adopters are saying and give adopters feedback on what happened to their (often brave and difficult) comments. I am an advocate for adopters and so try to keep my own opinions to a minimum - where they leak out I hope to corral them in the 'opinions and comment' category! After all - I am an adopter too... The categories show the meetings I attend and the calendar shows what is coming up. If you want to contribute or comment please feel free - this page won't share or show comments and I will never identify you in my feedback unless you specifically request me to. My email address is

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